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In 1954, when Cochin and Travancore was amalgamated, the then Travancore central Cooperative bank granted the status of apex bank and the Cochin central cooperative bank was affiliated as district cooperative bank. Subsequently a branch was opened at Ernakulam on 1 December 1954. Later,in 1961 the area of operation of the bank was restricted to Thrissur revenue district and the bank was renamed as Thrissur district cooperative bank limited. This was after the reorganization of cooperative banks on the basis of revenue districts. Till 1978, the bank extended finance only through primary cooperatives and in 1978, it started direct finance to individuals. Now the bank functions with its registered office at Thrissur and extends its operation to the whole revenue district through 48 branches. The construction of “sahakarana sathabdhi mandiram”, a five storied building at Kovilakathumpadam, Thrissur to house the quarters of the bank is nearing completion.

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  • Started CTS Clearing TDCB Thrissur

    Started CTS Clearing from 03/09/2013. Please Collect your Personalised CTS Cheque Book from your Branch.

  • ECS Credit Fecility TDCB Thrissur

    ECS Credit Fecility is Available through NPCI in the Bank. Customers can register their Account Numbers to those institutions for getting Share Dividend, LIC Amounts, Various Pensions etc...