• Agricultural loans are available for farmers, JLG's, SHG's and Members of TDCB Farmers clubs.
  • Proposed activity should be technically feasible and economically viable.
  • The quantum of loan depends on scale of finance / accepted unit cost or project cost
  • Margin money of 10% to 20% has to be brought by the applicant depending on the quantum of loan.
  • Rate of interest subject to change from time to time
  • Terms and Conditions of the bank would apply
  • Wherever subsidy is available it would be linked with the borrower account.
  • Insurance in respect of assets created to be obtained as per norms of bank.
  • Lien should be noted at RTO/ Port authorities / MPEDA wherever applicable.
  • Loan Applications will be disposed off as per time norms of the bank.
  • The information provided about the loans are illustrative and not exhaustive. For more details contact your nearest TDCB BRANCH.