Issuing demand draft through out the country and accepting cheques, bills, demand drafts etc for collection are some of the services offered by the bank. Normally collection of instruments out side the state takes below ten days exclusive of holidays. Our exchange rate is competitive compared to that of other banks.

Note: Exchange rate is further reduced in those customers who maintain certain sum of money with their CD, SB accounts.

Locker facility

Locker facility is available in our forty six branches.

Locker rent is nominal compared to that of other banks.

Size Rate
6"X6" Small 350/- + tax
8" x 6" 350/- + tax
12" x 6" Medium 450/- + tax
15" x 6" 750/- + tax
12" x 9" Big 750/- + tax
15" x 12" 900/- + tax